Lawnmowers are used to cut grass to an even height. With revolving blades, the height at which you wish your grass to be cut can be adjusted usually by up to 5 levels.  With our trusted brands, knowledgeable staff and variety of Lawnmower equipment and replacement parts to choose from, at Lawnmowers for Africa, you will find what you are looking for.

Push Mower

 These manual lawnmowers are operated without any motorized equipment to drive over your lawn and cut grass. Amongst the variety of push mowers available are the reel motor, motorized (gas-powered) or electric motors.

Reel Motor – From the good old days when gas wasn’t an option due to its high expensive, this mower is inexpensive and simple. These mowers operate by use of a cylinder of blades attached to and spun by wheels, cutting grass in a scissor-like action.


Just like gas, this lawnmower is operated by electricity. The steel blades spin inside the deck of the lawnmower which is made out of plastic or steel, giving you an even finish. You can adjust the length at which to cut your grass with different height adjustments. The electric lawnmower is perfect for those with small to medium-sized gardens where you have access to an electric plug socket, and a strong heavy duty extension cord.


These are often considered the most powerful type of lawnmower. With no cables in your way, as long as you have petrol you are free to roam and cut larger areas of grass without any worries about electricity access.

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Petrol Weed Eaters

Weed Eater, Weed Wacker & String Trimmer are just some of the names for this amazing garden tool. This tool is used for cutting grass, small weeds and groundcover. Functioning much like a hand held lawnmower this super gadget can be used easily and is also lightweight.

Garden Tools & Accessories

Whether you are new to gardening or have been manicuring your garden or an avid Dr Green Thumb, there are gardening tools and accessories which are a must-have for any garden.


At Lawnmowers for Africa we also have a wide variety of garden tools and accessories. Quality assured, including but not limited to secateurs, gardening gloves, spades, forks, rakes and shovels.

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Trimmers are unique in that they use a nylon line instead of sharp blades to cut the grass.  The spinning mechanism on the trimmer spins at such a speed, that it is able to cut through grass with ease. Trimmers are operated by either petrol or by battery.

Hedge Trimmers


Hedge trimmers are used once your hedges have grown and the lush leaves are starting to look a bit scattered. Using a hedge trimmer will help you trim your hedges to create a dense and compact look and an overall neater appearance. Perfect for use in a smaller area, and access to a power source.



These are often considered the more powerful trimmer compared to the electric, although both have their advantages. Often more lightweight than petrol trimmers, the petrol hedge trimmer is perfect for those with a large garden, park or inaccessible garden area as it operates without electricity.


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Petrol Brush Cutters

Very similar to that of a trimmer, brush cutters use a metal blade to cut through dense and overgrown vegetation including smaller tree trunks. Requiring a little more skill or knowledge than your average joe, there is a certain way brush cutters cut the vegetation, as you need to move from right to left when cutting, due to the fact that the blades rotate counter clockwise.  Durable and reliable machines, which come with different blades for different purposes, a brush cutter is a reliable garden tool.



Starting with just a touch of a button, electric chainsaws are light, compact and easy to carry.  Electric chainsaws are perfect for general cleaning up around your garden, neatening up trees, cutting small logs and cutting some branches off trees. Quieter and easier to start than petrol chainsaws, they are perfect for the smaller work around the garden.



The petrol chainsaw is better used for cutting large logs down to size. With a bit more power than electric chainsaws and with strong durability, they are the best choice for larger work and commercial cutting. The petrol chainsaw is better used for cutting large logs down to size. With a bit more power than electric chainsaws and with strong durability, they are the best choice for larger work and commercial cutting.

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Rammers - Construction Machines

Just as the name implies a rammer is a tool used for driving something with force. Most commonly used to compact the ground instead of using vibrations like a plate compactor would, this machine requires alot less manpower.  Compaction can be done at a much faster speed, and can easily be used to cover a larger area.

Plate Compactors

A plate compactor is used to compress most soil and gravel, most likely used by construction workers. Being a heavy machine, it requires quite a bit of manpower as holding the machine in place while it vibrates compacting the ground is a bit of work. An essential tool for building sidewalks, patios and walkways, this is a durable piece of equipment and assists in a huge way to create a smooth and even surface.




Electric shredders are easy to use and simple. Garden debris is fed through the opening of the shredder, which lead into oversized cutting blades. Create nutrient-rich mulch and compost with this fantastic tool, making life easier whilst recycling your garden waste. 



For more heavy duty shredding, the petrol shredder is used to dispose of large amounts of garden brush, branches and cuttings. Shredders are similar to that of a leaf mulcher, but can handle larger pieces of wood.  A strong and powerful mulcher great for getting through all the excess wood and branches and making them useful in smaller pieces for use around your garden as mulch or compost.


Petrol Generators

 Petrol generators are available in a variety of makes and models. Petrol generators work according to watts, the more watts the more items you can power up with your generator. Depending on how many items you need to power up, or the strength of each item that needs electricity, will depend on the watts at which the generator runs.

Petrol generators provide electricity by running a petrol-powered engine, thereby providing you with hours of useful electricity, especially useful during load shedding and blackouts. 

Petrol Water Pumps

Petrol water pumps are a wonderful tool, especially for those with Jojo tanks. It is one thing to have alot of saved water, and another trying to water your garden with the water you have collected. A petrol water pump is a nifty and easy to use tool which creates pressure from your Jojo or water feature through the hose pipe to allow water to run through with a bit more force like that of a hose pipe connected to the main water line of your property. 


Aurger Drills

Needing to make holes in wood or inthe ground, then an Aurger drill is what you need. Using a long rotating screw blade, it is able to effectively drill a hole and remove leftover materials in the hole that is being drilled at the same time. There is no need to apply excessive pressure as the Aurger drill does all the hard work for you.

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